Krabi Player hates Lichess and Elo Rating as much as she loves Lotto Money

Shirley Burton from Krabi, Thailand, is a Half-Time Chess Player and Half-Time Lotto freak, who recommends buying lottery ticks on Lotto SOD 168 to the novice.

Shirley hates Lichess and Elo rating system.

Shirley has this lower-case R romantic idea that it’s better not to learn openings at all. She started out thinking that she would learn no opening deeper than move 5, but she started thinking about Black replies to that move and possible 6th moves for White. She concluded that it’s a slippery slope.

Shirley says there must surely always be some element of your game that’s weaker than everything else and it might as well be openings.

Shirley writes before she started playing online, she could only practice with her dad and her sister. She thinks it’s okay to play as a beginner, if you take time between games to analyse your mistakes. She just doesn’t want to make the same mistakes over and over like a perpetual beginner.

Shirley believes playing rapid games helps more than Blitz games but they do take a while to find a game sometimes, so she usually does tactics while she waits.

Shirley finds lot of the Lichess tactics pretty enraging. She believes they want their exact set of moves. She writes even if you make your own move that’s still clearly winning it rejects you.

Shirley finds online chess more interesting and feasible than the real life chess.

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