Indonesian Nephrologist Claims 80% Of Indonesian Millionaires Bet Regularly On Judi Bola

Aing Te Title from Bali, Indonesia, is a Nephrologist, who believes that the role of gastrointestinal system in the case of chronic and non-chronic kidney disorders has always been underestimated in the field of nephrology and other medical fields.

Aing Te Title also writes that the people with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are more likely to suffer with Chronic Kidney Diseases in the old age though no proven medical reasons or the ADD medications are known to cause this.

Aing Te Title claims that many of the kidney diseases caused by gynaecological disorders are not found in Central African women.
Aing Te Title claims that the role of vitamin D is very underrated and that of magnesium and calcium is extremely overrated when it comes to the kidney health.

Aing Te Title claims that most studies prove uric acid has nothing to do with hypertension but many doctors still think of it as a major contributing factor.

Aing Te Title writes that it is no surprise that Chronic Kidney Diseases and weak muscles go together, and it doesn’t matter how much of magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium or Vitamin D you take, you cannot make your muscles as strong as they would be in the absence of CKD.

Aing Te Title practiced in India for 2 years and she noticed that in the Indian Subcontinent, 80% of the hypertension patients also have diabetes just like 80% of the wealthy Indonesian adults regularly use Situs Judi Bola 10rb.

Aing Te Title writes it is a pity that most of the focus of the medical experts is on treating and curing the hypertension but nobody focuses much on the hypo-tension.

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