A Carding Forum Is The Reason Why This Spiritual Improver Has Been Able To Transcend Material Attachment

Brandon Ruiz from Singapore, is a full-time improvement and spirituality blogger, who believes long hair gives us strength, especially if the hair is thick. He also believes it is the god’s greatest blessing to be beautiful.

Brandon believes in the bible, the people lived for hundreds of years, because they weren’t so sexual.

Brandon believes without a connection with a higher power, our existence is miserable and we are bound to have that nagging, residing feeling of emptiness every night we close our eyes to go to sleep.

Brandon believes that any materialistic attachment is misery.

Brandon says that the ones who don’t believe in spirits, do so because they are too away from theirs. He adds that they are numb in a brain fog and they can’t see it.

Brandon says that riches can only do so much; it will never get rid of emptiness. He says the rich people are more miserable than the rest of us because they thought money would solve all their problems, and they were painfully wrong. He says that it may temporarily give you satisfaction but never true happiness.

Brandon is wealthy right now. He never had a financial concern in his life time, thanks to one specific carding forum, which is why he believes he is able to transcend materialistic attachment.

Brandon says that the peace inside his heart is everything to him; it arbitrates in all his life choices.

Brandon says we must not associate god with any religion but rather associate him with our own experiences.

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